Brass Café

Brass Café is our famous coffee house located on the ground floor serving an impressive selection of local and international fares. Local to international selections of buffet on weekdays and Hi Tea on weekends, visitors or guests will love the variety Brass Café has to offer.

The Brasserie, Deli. Cafe

The Brasserie Café is our brand new café located on the ground floor serving a wide range of hot & cold beverages including cakes & pastries. The awesome cup of coffee and the delicious snack can make your day. All the goodness you taste is real and outstanding.

Rasa Sayang Chinese Restaurant

Located on the second floor, Chef Rasa Sayang has a lot to offer in terms of dishes for individual diners and groups. It is also famous for its shark fin soup.

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Tucked away on the second floor, serving Authentic Japanese Food and specialized in Yakitori. Come over and try delicious and special grilling yakitori. Open 7 days a week.